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Having trouble using Viva Ronaldo or figuring out what it's for? Check the sections below for help.

What is Viva Ronaldo?
Viva Ronaldo is the ultimate social and football app experience. It brings together Cristiano Ronaldo's 80 million plus fans and hundreds of dispersed communities in a groundbreaking Social Media Environment featuring an exclusive reward system and impressive features. Fully integrated with his official Facebook, Twitter, and website, Viva Ronaldo is the one-stop shop for Cristiano Ronaldo’s fans, offering 24/7 entertainment designed to suit different profiles. With Viva Ronaldo you can Support, Cheer, Play, Predict, Chant, Wave, Jump, Dribble, Score, Compete, and... Win incredible prizes! No matter where you are, every Ronaldo’s match will now be at your fingertips ;)
How can I join the Viva Ronaldo community?
You can join Viva Ronaldo in two ways:

1) Sign up here

2) Download the Viva Ronaldo app
You talk a lot about "playing"... Is Viva Ronaldo a game?
Well, we can answer this one the same way many of you refer to Cristiano Ronaldo on Facebook comments: Support + Cheer + Play + Predict + Chant + Wave + Jump + Dribble + Score + Compete + Win = Viva Ronaldo :)
Is Viva Ronaldo free?
Yes, all Viva Ronaldo activities are free. However, if you really want to dive into the app spirit and take advantage of unique features (like betting in a Goal In the Next Seconds), you will need CR cards. At the beginning of every match your account will be credited with 7 free CR cards. How cool is that?! But if you are a serious fan and want to play hard just go ahead and get packs of extra cards at the store (currently in-app only, but also online in the near future). Dare to win big!
Do I need a smartphone to play?
No, don’t worry, you can either use your smartphone or play on virtually any modern web browser. Although our Techies are working around the clock, they still do eat and rest once in a while. At the moment all our brain power is geared into getting spot on success for iOS, Android, and HTML5 platforms. But don’t despair Windows phone holders, as we will devote our attention to you ASAP!! :)
Do I need a Facebook or Twitter account to play Viva Ronaldo?
Don’t feel left out as you can register with your e-mail address, that simple! However, your Viva Ronaldo experience will sky rocket if you connect with your friends via Facebook and/or Twitter. Either way, we welcome you to the growing Viva Ronaldo family!
Why should I link Viva Ronaldo with my Facebook and Twitter accounts?
As Viva Ronaldo is a Social Media environment, connecting with all your friends and sharing your achievements and thoughts on Facebook and Twitter will undoubtedly boost your app experience. Furthermore, in the future Viva Ronaldo will reward all your Social Media activity related with Cristiano, so stay tuned!
I forgot my access password, how can I get it back?
It's quite simple. Go to the login page at and request a new one. You will then get an e-mail with a reset link.
How can I change my display picture?
You can access your account via at any time to check your achievements, invite friends, read the latest news, and edit your profile (including your app display picture and password). At the moment, display pictures obey a priority order whereby a profile-uploaded file will prevail over the Facebook avatar even if you use your Facebook account to log into the app. In turn, the Facebook avatar will prevail over the Twitter one even if you have associated your Twitter account to Viva Ronaldo. In the near future you will be able to choose your picture without priority constraints.
What are CR cards?
CR cards are a way to get +25% points on your score when you answer a question during the match. Does CR stand for “credit” or for “Cristiano Ronaldo”? In this app, it stands for both!
How can I use my CR cards?
Currently, CR cards can add +25% points in any challenge bet score during a Team CR match, for instance, while guessing the outcome of a Corner, Penalty or Freekick play, or when you answer a Trivia question about Ronaldo. You can also use a CR card while predicting a Team CR goal anytime during a match, and even add +25% points to that bet by using a second CR card. Further CR card advantages are around the corner. Do you want to win big? Bet big!
Can I get extra CR cards?
We will offer you 7 free CR cards (8 for Viva Ronaldo Pioneers until the end of 2013) when each Team CR match is set to active (i.e. when the corresponding Prematch becomes available on the app). But you can get more in-app at anytime (in the near future this feature will also be available online at Note, however, that while the free-of-charge cards do not transit into following matches, the store-bought ones do and you can accumulate an unlimited number, valid for a 1 year period starting on the date of purchase. And don't worry, store bought CRs will only be used after you have spent all your FREE CRs. Do you really know Ronaldo? Stock up, bet wisely, and blow everyone’s socks off!
What is a Key Moment within Viva Ronaldo?
A Key Moment is any match event that triggers a user prediction request on the Viva Ronaldo app. Techie talk aside, Viva Ronaldo will ask you to predict the outcome of Freekicks, Indirect Freekicks, Penalty Kicks, and Corner Kicks throughout the match. Channel the football spirits in you and score! Use a CR card and climb the rankings! But of course, Key moments are exclusively for Team CR actions, none of us want to predict an opponent goal, right??
Can I use the Goal In The Next Seconds feature to predict an opposing team goal?
No, no, no!!!! One of the main ideas behind Viva Ronaldo is to support him and his team. Would you really want to predict a rival goal? Surely not! :)
Can I explore the Viva Ronaldo app while a match unfolds? If I do that, will I lose any Key Moments or the ability to predict a goal in the next seconds?
Yes, you can navigate the app freely and still get all Key Moments, Trivia questions, and friends' messages anyway. You can also access the Goal In The Next Seconds feature from any screen, except when you are chatting with a friend. Chat or play? Choose wisely ;)
What is a rival in the Prematch?
A rival is a friend that you can pick from the your friend list that are online at that particular time. Try it out! You can then follow his/her Prematch score as the game advances, compare it to yours, and plan your strategy accordingly so as to win the game. Although you can only follow one rival at a time, you can change your rival choice throughout the match. Yup, get ready for the war and fight for the top!
Do I need to answer all the Prematch questions?
No, it’s your choice. Guess as little or as much, answer none, one, or all the questions. It’s only up to you. The more you answer, the higher the chances to get extra points and climb up the rankings at the end of the game. You will never lose, you can only win more with Prematch. Do you think the winner is certain? Don’t ever! Surprises are always around the corner and usually flip the scores. Prematch is win-win for everybody!
I’m new to the app but can’t wait to start playing. Can you help me?
We have put together a brief manual that you can explore. You can download it here.
Can I compete against my friends?
Yes, please do! In fact, Viva Ronaldo was devised to be played with friends and to have fun! Challenge a friend during a match, compete with your buddies for the best prizes, test your knowledge on all-things-Ronaldo, and chat all you want!
What if my friends and I have different smartphones and browsers?
That’s no problem! Viva Ronaldo was build from the ground up to be cross-platform, because together we are stronger! That means that fans playing in a web browser can join their friends on iOS or Android devices, and vice-versa!
Should I keep the Viva Ronaldo app open during a match?
The app needs to be active for you to receive all Key Moments, predict a Goal In The Next Seconds, answer Trivia questions, or Chat with your friends. But don't stress if you (need to) exit the app!Reopening it during a live match will resume playing almost instantly, and you will only lose the events occurring while you stepped aside. The more you play the better your chances are to win, so make sure to be back quickly!
Is Viva Ronaldo only active when Cristiano Ronaldo is playing?
Viva Ronaldo is always on, 24/7! And all Portugal and Team CR's matches will be featured, even when Ronaldo is not playing.
Should I only use Viva Ronaldo during matches?
No, Viva Ronaldo is designed to provide fun & entertaining experiences all year round. And stay tuned, because many exciting features are under way for off-match periods!
Will I still have a fun and rewarding experience even if I cannot watch every Team CR match of the season?
Of course you will!! We developed Viva Ronaldo to provide a fun & rewarding experience on each and every match, no strings attached! Free to get, free to play, it’s Ronaldo all the way!
I like to chat with my friends during matches, do I have to quit Viva Ronaldo for that?
No!!! Just invite them to join Viva Ronaldo, and as soon as you connect with them start chatting away from within the app. We’ve got your back, pal!
I would like to chat with my friends within Viva Ronaldo 24/7, is that possible?
Currently you can chat with all your friends between 3 hours prior to the match start and 1 hour after the match ends. You will soon be able to chat 24/7, organize group chats and much more!
I see some players with a Team VR symbol on their avatar. Who are they?
Well spotted! These are members of the development team of Viva Ronaldo. They love to use Viva Ronaldo as much as you do, so it’s likely you’ll see them once in a while. Feel free to contact them if you have any problem or if you just want to show your support for Viva Ronaldo!
Are there rankings in Viva Ronaldo?
Yes, the app provides overall rankings per Match, Month, and Season, all of which can be limited to Friends or Top 10 modes. Get a hold of where your bets are taking you!
What are the incredible prizes I can win?
We have put together a Prizes section on both the mobile application and online to list the amazing rewards that await you. In the near future this will also be available on the website. Make sure you play, and we’ll make sure the prizes will rock your world!
What about Team VR members? Are they eligible for prizes?
No, rest assured, Team VR will never win any prizes. However, and since they are also true fans of Cristiano Ronaldo and Viva Ronaldo, you will see them in the Rankings. If you do... try to beat them! If you can... ;)
Do I still have any chance to win a prize even without watching every Cristiano Ronaldo match?
Sure you do! Besides the incredible Month and Season prizes, we also have great prizes for match winners and even a special prize that is independent of the points accumulated in the past matches. Your effort and dedication will be rewarded.
Will I ever have a chance to meet Cristiano Ronaldo, the real one???
Who knows? :) We have BIIIIIIIGGGGGGG surprises for the next season!!
Sometimes I feel like the app runs ahead of the match and spoils my live broadcast experience! How can I prevent this?
This can mean two things: a) That we have developed an incredibly fast updating algorithm for Viva Ronaldo (Hip hip hooray to our Techies!) ; and b) That your live broadcast is delayed compared to the actual match, so you should contact your provider to let them know. With you in mind, our user interaction experts devised a solution to improve your Viva Ronaldo experience: under your profile > Options, you can adjust the delay factor accordingly to start receiving all the Live Match notifications in a timely manner. Oh yeah, you’re back in the game!
I activated the Goal In The Next Seconds countdown but didn't win any points although I watched a Team CR goal on TV! Is this a bug?
No, it actually means your live broadcast has a big delay. But don’t feel discouraged and keep playing anyway, as predicting a goal earlier will win you even more points!
The app just crashed / keeps crashing. What is the reason?
Viva Ronaldo app development is still ongoing and you might experience some app instability. If this happens, we’d appreciate you contacting us via our Forum and let us know when and how the unexpected errors occurred. The more details you give us the better and faster the app will become. Together we will bring Viva Ronaldo into the limelight!
I just bought a CR card pack but it was not credited into my app account. Can you help me?
We apologize for the inconvenience, and of course we will help you. Just send us a message with the purchase details (use the online Feedback form), and we will credit the cards into your app account as soon as we confirm that the purchase transaction occurred.
Are you planning to release any new features soon?
You'll be amazed with what we have in store for the next year! :) We have already lined up a 12-month roadmap of new exciting features that will liven up your Viva Ronaldo experience.
I would like to help improving Viva Ronaldo, how should I proceed?
Great minds think alike! All your comments and suggestions are welcome and will definitely contribute to improve Viva Ronaldo. You can become a Viva Ronaldo Power User by helping other fans on the Forum. We will keep an eye for the most active fans, and these will be granted the Power User status. Your contributions will certainly help us take Viva Ronaldo into the spotlight!
My friends and I would love to submit some great videos showing our support for Cristiano Ronaldo or trying to mimic his football skills and performances, will that be possible?
Viva Ronaldo will soon have new and exciting features! Although we cannot disclose them yet, rest assured that you'll be able to do that and much more ;)